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Why this site ?
This international website totally free must be the "magic lamp" belonging to EVERYONE in order to become the generosity flagship.

Question : Who in this world, rich or poor, young or old, has not once expressed in the secret of his heart a wish ?

Unfortunately, for lack of money, means, a place or simply because we don't dare, this wish is put completely out of mind sometimes with resurgences that we hasten to put away saying ourselves that it isn't serious...And yet! proposes itself to be the link between all these unrealized wishes and the generous privates or companies that want to act.
  • This website does not promise anything ! It is the law of demand and supply and of free supply.
  • Are forbidden wishes that could endanger the applicant or another person.
  • Are forbidden wishes that call into question the moral (reprehensible by law/unlawful) and/or physical integrity.
Wishes' direction for use
1. Categories :
  • humble
  • crazy
  • altruistic

2. Realizable wishes :
Your unfulfilled wish must involve a hitch (financial, material or of place or time) so that a private or a company can concretely realize it.

3. Unrealizable wishes :
Wishes pertaining to random or becoming a CEO or living in another country...(intangible) do not fall within DAREASKING competence nor in its optic

4. Examples of wishes that you can register :
  1. A woman who will soon celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary would like just for one night to wear a high fashion dress.
    Opposite : a top designer, moved, discovering her wish,offers her for one night the evening gown of her dreams.
  2. A child from a numerous family dreams to go and see whales but his parents can't afford him the trip.
    Opposite : in a distant country where there are whales (eg Canada or Japan) a private reading this wish will offer to this child the trip to realize his wish.
  3. Altruistic wish : a woman would like to help the children in Africa but in a different way than sending food or medecine (which are obviously of great emergency). These children, haven't they the right to dream ? So her wish is to charter some planes full of toys and tale books.
    Opposite : several airlines companies offer to leave some place in their baggage hold for this type of cargo.
The Book
The new thriller completely crazy by Lydie Alamazani, novelist and designer of innovative concepts, all in days that are only 24 hours-long.
To be published in November 2010 in every FNAC, Virgin Megastore and bookstores.
Price: 11 euros all taxes included. Paperback format.
Click here to order. (the novel is only available in French for now)


Rather than choosing young, rich, beautiful and bold protagonists the author made the bet to portray really ordinary characters, forgotten by our society in a police investigation mixed with science fiction.

Who are they?

Peaceful retired people who enjoy the time passing by.

But the encounter with an irascible mathematician, a deaf and mute child, possessing a gift as strange as frightening, two inseparable friends, an effervescent Italian, an overwhelmed policeman, a giant red-haired with a rough language and a serial killer with extraordinary abilities, will change dramatically their quiet lifestyle.

Those retirees are going to revive, get out of their lethargy, defend their lives, take risks and discover within themselves new skills and qualities.

At the time when they were thought to be finished, they show unsuspected resources.

Her next novel ? A thriller: God or Devil ? Place your bets! which is currently under study by a production company...

Lisez Dieu ou diable de Lydie Alamazani

La population mondiale compte sept milliards d´individus. Les trois quarts d´entre eux crient famine,

le quart restant meurt de mauvais cholestérol. Partout les industriels de l´agroalimentaire,

apprentis sorciers des temps modernes, manipulent la nature et martyrisent la terre pour en tirer

toujours plus de profit.

A l´opposé de ces géants sans scrupules, dans le village de Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, en Bourgogne,

un boulanger – un talmelier, comme on l´appelait jadis – aux méthodes ancestrales n´a qu´une préoccupation :

Un jour, surgie dans divers endroits de la planète, une mortelle épidémie aux origines inexplicables

bouscule la vie de l´anonyme artisan, fasciné par quelques mystérieuses graines surgies de la nuit des temps.

Des graines étranges, dont les capacités extraordinaires vont attirer sur lui toutes les convoitises.

Personne n´avait prévenu le boulanger de Flavigny que tenir dans sa main l´infini, c´était courir le plus mortel des dangers...

Grand format - 20 Euros TTC - Dans toutes les librairies et Aux Editions de Bourgogne

L'auteur: Lydie Alamazani est concepteur-designer pour la finance, la pub, la télé et la Formule 1. Sa passion des mathématiques et des textes anciens, ajoutée à son côté savant fou, lui inspire des polars dont les énigmes font appel aux derniers développements de la science et se situent entre fable et réalité. Elle pratique le Pentiak-Silat et adore cuisiner, en attendant de pouvoir vivre dans une modeste abbaye.